Our premium yoga mat and towel
snap together so your towel stays in place

SnapMat uses simple magnetically guided snaps
to help you quickly attach your towel to your mat

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Premium High-Density Mat

We chose a dense, comfortable mat that would last a lifetime - not your everyday yoga mat.

  • We use a premium professional grade mat
  • 7mm thickness is firm and supportive
  • The mat gets better with age and is easy to clean
  • Extra long 24"x72" size comes standard

Nanga Microfiber Towel

We tried every towel we could get our hands on and chose the one we loved most.

  • Tested long-term durability
  • Excellent traction both dry and wet
  • Highly absorbant and machine washable

One of a Kind Snaps

Quick, easy-to-use, and durable, our snaps will keep your towel in place. This lets you focus on your practice, not your gear.

  • A Better Yoga Experience

    Snapmat provides stability on hard or soft surfaces. Its the perfect mat for any spot in the yoga room, park or festival.

  • Stays Fresh and Clean

    Our high density mat is minimally porous, easy to clean, and resists smells. Our microfiber towels are machine washable 500 times or more.

  • "Just Right" Padding

    The 7mm SnapMat thickness is firm enough for standing balance yet padded to support your knees.

  • Exceptional Durability

    Our microfiber towels won't wear out and our professional grade mats can take whatever you throw at them.

99 Dollars -
For the Pair (Mat & Towel)

Recieve both our premium mat and towel, conveniently packaged at a discount.